In this article:

a. Introduction

b. Installation of Announcement Bar

a. Introduction

Now you can stick an important message on top of your store with a button. Easily setting, fully customization. Sometime customer might not alert with your promotion, or any notifications. Stick it on top with a full-screen banner (the colour suggest to be big different from your background colour). A button makes the information delivery work completely.

b. Installation of Announcement BarĀ 

1. Admin Panel > Apps > Search Announcement Bar

2. Install this appĀ 

2. Write your message, edit the options available.

3. You can 'Enable button' to insert your own 'Button text' and 'Button Link'

*When the customers click on 'Button text', the 'Button link' will redirect them to the link inserted.

4. You can preview the outcome at the bottom

4. Save changes