Make Novocall widget your own with a couple of simple design customizations.

After installing the widget on your website, it's time to:
(i) Set up call reps
(ii) Customize the appearance of your widget

Step 1 - Set Up Call Reps 

You'll want to have agents behind your widget, so calls would be routed to them easily. 

(i) Navigate to Call Reps:

(ii) Add more Call Reps: 

(iii) Customize your working hours

By default, your office hours are set to weekdays from 9am to 5pm. You can edit your office hours - just choose the days and times you’re in the office. 

Note: Your office hours are calculated based on your widget's local timezone. 

Step 2 - Customize Your Widget

Navigate to Settings > Widget Settings:

(i) Upload your company logo

(ii) Change your widget look

Under Design, you can change your widget look to suit your brand. 

Important: Bottom Right corner houses the demo widget, where you can see a preview of design changes. 

(iii) Change your widget content 

Every single page of your widget content could be customized!