1) Login to your Website Panel via http://cp.domain.com.

2) At the center of "User Spaces" area, click on your Hosting Plan name such as "EBiz Plus Windows".

3) Select Accounts under POP/IMAP Email.

4) Next, click on Create Mail Account button.

5) In Mail Account Properties area, type in E-mail Address and Password that you wish to have.

    NOTE: The password should meet the following requirement:

    a. The password must have AT LEAST a minimum of 5 characters.

    b. The password SHOULD NOT be equivalent to the POP3 username.

    c. The password MUST CONTAIN at least a minimum of 1 symbol.

    d. You may assign the E-Mail Account quota by fill in the value at "Mailbox Size Limit, MB:"

6)  Once done filling the details, click Save and your account will be successfully created.