Here's how you can restore your cloud server from a previously taken backup.

1.    Navigate to the Cloud Server, click "Backups".

2.    You will be shown a list of backups that you have previously taken. Click "Restore" in the row of the


       backup that you wish to restore from.

3.    You will be shown the dialogue box below. Click on "OK" to continue with the restore process.

       (Please note that all data in the current cloud server will be gone.)

4.    You will be brought to a page similar to the one below. The restore is happening in the background.

       To check whether the restore has completed, click "Overview".

5.    If the restore has not completed yet, you will see the "Status" as "Pending", and that the "RestoreBackup"

       is "Running", as illustrated below.

6.    If the restore has completed, you will see the "Status" displaying the "OFF" and "ON" buttons,

       and that the "RestoreBackup" is now "Complete", as illustrated below.