Below will be a sample of video tutorial on "How to enable SMTP authentication for Microsoft Outlook 2010"

Below article will show you how you can enable SMTP authentication for Microsoft Outlook 2010 

Microsoft Office 2010

1. Launch Microsoft Office 2010

2. Click File > Info > Account Settings

3. Select Email from the list and click "Change" button

4. Click on "More Setting"

5. Select "Outgoing Server" tab

6. Tick "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"

7. Click on Advanced tab and ensure to set the outgoing Port (SMTP) to 587 or 25 for NON SSL 

     type and 465 for SSL type 

8. Click "OK" after finish configuration

9. Click "Next" button

10. In the "Account Settings" window click "Close"

11. Close Outlook and the relaunch it again

12. Check the network connection ensure you can sent/receive correctly.

13. Done.