- The server IP address

- The server root password

1. Sign in Plesk Panel using the URL https://YourServerIP:8443 (for example:

Please follow this guide to disable the self-signed SSL warning. Alternatively, use non-SSL URL http://YourServerIP:8880

Username: root

Password: As per welcome email


2. Select the view that suites your needs, then click 'OK'. By default, we select 'Commercial web hosting' and 'Service Provider' view.


3. Enter the server 'Full hostname' (Arrow 1). Then select the IP address under 'Dedicated IP address' to switch it to shared IP address (Arrow 2). Lastly, enter the password for Plesk admin user (Arrow 3). Please note the root user will be replaced with admin user with new password at next login.


4.  Fill in the required fields that marked with * sign, check the license agreement checkbox then click on 'OK'.


5. Click on 'Retrieve keys' icon, and it will automatically retrieve license key from the Plesk server and show the result.



6. Done! If you were using web admin edition license, you will be asked to create an web space before can start using Plesk Panel.