What is Auto-Renew in our billing system means?

Our Auto-Renew function ensures an invoice is generated and sent to you 45 days prior to your domain expiration date. 


Should I leave "Disable Auto-Renew" Ticked or Not Tick? 

When Disable Auto-Renew is Not Tick, you can avoid losing your domain(s) due to absent-mindedness because renewal invoice will be auto generated and sent to you 45 days prior to domain expiry date. However, you must make payment manually before your domain(s) will be renewed by our system.


When Disable Auto-Renew is Ticked, no renewal invoice will be auto generated. You must mark your calendar so that you will not forget the domain expiry date. This might become especially troublesome when you have multiple domains with different expiry dates.


Can I remain Ticked for "Disable Auto-Renew"? 
Yes, you can. However, once domain auto renewal setting is set to OFF, there will be NO invoice auto generated and sent to you; your domain(s) may proceed to expiration and deletion without your knowledge.


How can I Ticked the "Disable Auto-Renew"? 
This can be done by logging into your client area portal from your end in the client area of your domain details page.

When the "Disable Auto Renew" button is ticked, the billing system will check for any outstanding invoice, and if domain(s) is invoiced on its own, it will be cancelled.