1. Log into your EBuzzzz management panel according to the URL that provided in the welcome email.

2. Click "Subscribers" > "Import Subscribers"

Session A: Import Options

1. Select the List that you wish to import the subcribers under "Import Into" area.

**If the List does not appear and you want to create a new list, please refer the following:


2. Select "Import As" options:

You can directly import as Active, Unconfirmed or directly Unsubscribed from a list.

3. Choose your "Autoresponder Options" and "Import Settings" selection.

Session B: Import Source

1. Choose import method

  - Import From File

    Click on browse and upload the list from your terminal.

  - Import using copy/paste

    Directly copy and paste under the field area.

2. There are few options under the import area which need your attention:

-Delimiter: Comma(,),  Semicolon(;), Tab(\t)

    You can use this character to separates the fields within the file.

3. Click "Import" and Choose your field to map 

4. Click "Import" and Done.