Announcement - Usonyx Billing System verification process

Dear Valued Customers

Thanks for your support to Usonyx.

We are happy to introduce a new feature in our Billing system which will improve our communication smoother and more effectively by implementing one time email verification process.

It also adds an additional layer of protection against signing up using incorrectly typed and unauthorised email addresses.

For all Usonyx existing and new customer:

When you log in your Billing system, you will notice the following new message appear on the top of your Billing account.

1. Please hit “Resend Verification Email


2. You will receive an email with subject “Confirm Your Registration” send over your account primary email.


3. Click the link appear inside message content which similar as following:

4. It will redirect you over our Billing system and you just need to fill in your Billing system password to proceed and end the verification process.

You still receive all our major notification, invoice and announcement during this period and no functionality is limited in the client area for clients with an unverified email address.

However, we hope that you can take a short break to complete this one time verification and work together with Usonyx for a more secure hosting environment.


Q: How long is the validity of the validation link you receive?
A: 24 hours

Q: What if I forget my Billing system password?


Best Regards,


Usonyx Pte.Ltd.